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thou shalt pass


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upper ten

I set up a plan to become one of the world's mightiest 3.957% in 72 hours. Watch me.

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the Chinaman is not the issue here

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This better sound awesome.

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Because when you have stanky old Wizard Eyes, sometimes you see things that are real, and other times it's like crazy, crazy, crazy, in your face, all the time.
All the time.

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MPC1000 Beat Tape

I've had my sampler for over a year now and put some thirty beats together using nothing but the machine itself. These are my favourites distilled into half an hour. Sadly I don't know if this'll ever make it to actual tape, but I don't want it fading on my hard drive, either, so here you go.

download here

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Frederick Austerlitz

gutes zeug. besonders chask und ussem. glaube ich. danke.



Oh, sehr gern geschehen. Chask ist auch mein Liebling.


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