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"Time and Space … It is not nature which imposes them upon us, it is we who impose them upon nature because we find them convenient."
Henri Poincaré

19617   |   photo black.white robot clothes circle light

19617   |   pottery painting circle

31516   |   gif wtf eye circle

detail of the Church of Saint Sava

9416   |   photo architecture wall window geometry rectangle circle Beograd Srbija

12216   |   photo macro light bokeh rainbow circle

it's all just part of the same

91215   |   gif geometry triangle rectangle circle

30915   |   gif animation geometry circle


30915   |   photo food wood circle daily.shot

23915   |   gif circle blur


13915   |   photo night light bokeh daily.shot Norge Ålesund geometry circle

5915   |   gif geometry circle wave psychedelic

22815   |   gif geometry circle triangle

1815   |   photo metal circle Aarhus Danmark rust

all caught up in the maelstrom again

19715   |   gif circle painting human woman head demon horns age life spiral


3615   |   photo mushroom rainbow circle pattern

30515   |   gif music light circle

18515   |   Processing black.white noise geometry circle