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"Knowledge is indivisible. When people grow wise in one direction, they are sure to make it easier for themselves to grow wise in other directions as well."
Isaac Asimov

Gang gang!

3919   |   photo 中国 四川 machine wall comic

Julia Faber - Where there's Grazers, there's Hunters
oil on canvas, 2017

281018   |   painting animal tiger machine fight forest water

21518   |   България Со́фия photo sculpture human man beard religion icon machine subway clock

29516   |   illustration comic surreal human man machine


16116   |   photo machine sky cloud plant grass Deutschland

161215   |   music electronic instrument machine

1815   |   photo machine geometry sky cloud Danmark København

30515   |   photo plant leaf machine crystal

18415   |   painting human machine circle

28315   |   photo machine number button blur Norge Ålesund

23714   |   gif robot head machine light