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"you need to be either loving/caring, creating or learning, then you will be fine"
Richard D. James

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New Howie Lee out, time for waking up again

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I am so filthy rich, it's not even funny anymore.

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Adventure Time went beyond buckwild the last couple of days. Be strong, young lad!

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Come to Norway now!

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Check this out. In 2017 Norway's about to issue its official documents in an overhauled minimalistic design. Pictured above are the back of the 100 kroner bill (by Snøhetta and the new passports – white for immigrants, blueish for diplomats (by Neue). Under ultraviolet light the pages reveal their auroraesque innards.

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Cinnamon Chasers - luv deluxe

I'm glad I found this one again, saw it somewhen last summer but totally forgot about it. Nice tune, awesome video.

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