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"hop off the train for a second and try to find your own fucking heart"

171019   | TouchDesigner noise

141019   | TouchDesigner noise psychedelic

Another video I've produced for the Urbanale film festival. Recorded where I grew up on one of the most emotional days of my life.

Im Fall – parallel.
Ich träume vom Wind.
Rasend weiß.
Die Aspekte gleißen im Rauschen, alles bleibt passiv, Gift im Pentazyklus.
Taurus und die Färsen am Neuen Kanal sind immer … flüchtig.
Und es zehrt meinen Anker.
Köcherfliegenlarve – kein Rätsel, kein Schlüssel.
Ich bin am Leben.

251018   |   video human man noise nature forest

22218   | TouchDesigner gradient noise blur

231017   |   Processing black.white noise

THEALOZ: great!

Fu: Thanks! :)

201017   |   Cinema4D geometry noise

Check this out,  W:Blut wrote this wicked WebGL shader that smoothly runs in any browser window:


28517   |   programming noise geometry

13716   |   video TouchDesigner black.white geometry noise 3D music beats Ableton.Live

Just built my probably most refined patch.

9716   |   TouchDesigner black.white noise

9716   |   TouchDesigner black.white geometry triangle noise

9716   |   TouchDesigner black.white noise

29516   |   gif black.white 3D noise wave

26216   |   video music TouchDesigner noise glitch rainbow

13216   |   video music TouchDesigner noise glitch rainbow

Long time no Touch Designer

12216   |   video music TouchDesigner noise rainbow

12216   | black.white noise geometry rectangle

Freaking gif-saving-process, always annoys the crap out of me >:|

6116   |   gif TouchDesigner glitch noise