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"I sleep on a concrete bed, wake up to see all the long faces"

Fuck yes, actually quit my boring job today!

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If it's good, then it's good …

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Check this out,  W:Blut wrote this wicked WebGL shader that smoothly runs in any browser window:


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I completed Hyper Light Drifter and it was such a delight. If you've ever found any joy in playing a computer game or care for a good story at all I implore you to get this jewel. Or talk someone you know into playing it while you just sit there by their side getting lost in its miraculous world.

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So I completed XCOM 2 (sequel to a reboot of an old fav of mine) recently and looked for something to unwind a bit after spending a week with guests, spending three weeks abroad and spending another two weeks with guests and found more than I was hoping for in Hyper Light Drifter. It's a somber action adventure sporting amazing pixelated graphics, a gripping soundtrack all wrapped in a superb, imaginative setting.

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mh, usually works

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stage background from the classic NeoGeo fighting game Garou - Mark of the Wolves

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こみやま たかし a.k.a. Hermippe is not only a gifing pixel artist rocking a distinct fureturo style but also a circuit bender.

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Yes, finally. Bye housy!

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off to Budapest

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