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"Life's not a bitch, life is a beautiful woman. You only call her a bitch because she won't let you get that pussy."
Aesop Rock

8816   |   photo architecture building window city New.York USA

171214   |   sculpture wood

19115   |   photo sculpture metal human street Wrocław Polska

still of a growing pointnoise, older stuff

27814   | black.white Processing noise

by Flying Lotus. On of my FlyLo favourites.

27811   | water moon sky human

3516   |   collage animal insect octopus heart flower

the shit is bananas

18916   |  

Dustin Yellin, 2013-14

26714   |   sculpture glass

2014 right here
Gero Doll

21214   |   video music 3D animation glitch rainbow wtf

15816   |   photo wheatpaste graffiti alien comic New.York USA

111014   |   photo island water sea wave mountain ship Norge Ålesund

Lifelong victims pound
And claw at the ground
Searching for a way out of their skin
Writhe in the cruel bloom

Witness the ghostlike
Shades of ourselves
Searching for any way out of our skin
Writhe in the cruel bloom

Converge - cruel bloom

29714   |   photo city building explosion fire smoke

1713   |   photo architecture geometry spiral metal

5814   |   painting line


23316   |   photo mountain rock snow Norge

Leopold Kny - Botanische Wandtafeln, 1841

30116   |   illustration drawing biology

Part of the Efterklang - Reverberations exhibition at Rödasten Konsthall. Every speaker represents on singer of a choir.

1815   |   photo installation window Sverige Göteborg