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"What can be said at all can be said clearly, and what we cannot talk about we must pass over in silence."
Ludwig Wittgenstein

Simon Heijdens constructed Shade, a window tiled in digital glass triangles that react to the wind forces outside. Wind on - opacity gone.

I guess the sensation lasts until you try to lean back and enjoy the sight on a lush summer afternoon.

14115   |   gif architecture sculpture window glass weather geometry triangle human

I spent the whole of yesterday designing my first flowerpot. This should develop into a series of models I want to 3D print and sell and of course put one or the other onto my own table. Got myself a copy of Cinema4D on the weekend, figured out how to make use of it and discovered that it's awesomely convenient to maneuver.
Then I found out printed plastics are not watertight.

12115   |   gif 3D black.white geometry triangle Cinema4D

davi: watertight or not (if you play around with an adoptable 3D-printer, you might get there, properly not with any from as planned), you may seal them afterwards with epoxy, silicone or whatever

Fu: I guess I'll really look into that, have a small example printed and see if I can get my hands on a fitting coating.

at the East Side Gallery

10115   | graffiti wall surreal mask antlers feather circle pattern triangle head

Joel: Where is picture taken?

Fu: East Side Gallery, Berlin

A project by acclaimed Universal Everything. I noticed they've used this model for some MTV reel several years ago. Watching this also made me read up on Archigram.
I'm late to every party.

9115   |   video music electronic animation geometry triangle hair 3D architecture

The more analogue-and-string-instruments-utilizing tracks of the year.

download here

221214   |   download mixtape music band black.white geometry text triangle dark TouchDesigner

It's time for my annual mixdown. Like last time I seperated this year's selection into two parts. This would be the electronic side.

download here

221214   |   triangle music electronic hip.hop rap band black.white geometry text mixtape noise TouchDesigner download

I'm not gonna lie, this time I kinda impressed myself a bit.

211214   |   video black.white music noise geometry triangle TouchDesigner

Wenkel Jamnitzer - Perspectiva Corporum Regularum

201214   |   gravure black.white geometry triangle

141214   |   circle triangle geometry head surreal wall graffiti crystal

Zaha Hadid Architects, Milan 2012

81214   |   architecture black.white geometry grid triangle

161114   |   Processing pattern geometry triangle

151114   |   Processing pattern geometry triangle

131114   |   Processing black.white pattern geometry triangle

3914   | graffiti geometry circle triangle Deutschland Leipzig

1713   |   photo architecture geometry pattern triangle window metal glass

4513   |   gif geometry abstract eye triangle rectangle circle rainbow

151112   |   Ísland Reykjavík graffiti triangle pattern